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Lesson Info With Facial Recognition in Lightroom CC But what you ought to be looking for today because this is a brand new attribute in mild room view see we do not have to spray the people anymore because it is going to discover the people for us so instead that which we wish to do is how we would like to begin trying to find non individuals things I’m likely to say alright lets look for blossoms so now anywhere I see blossoms happening I will spray blossoms so that I just go like that to look for more flowers there is flowers there and I am simply clicking and dragging and so that is what’s becoming the vital words have been sprayed on there just like when I had been spraying you know, spray spray painting a wall or something like that just enjoy that everywhere I see flowers and what you do is that you began top and you spray anything on the way down and then you start at the base and move Best Lightroom Presets Light And Aerated Free up and spray can like children and you then shirt down so like that I were doing journey stuff I’d say started top and state buildings our building’s shared architecture that’s exactly what I’d kind i.. . N then I’d spread then I would start at the base and state people and I’d any time that I saw people and then I would turn around and say if there’s a second something you know momentous moment that I got I’d spray moments then I and lots of these like a minute is not really that common, so what you will do is you will say, ok, I’m likely to do moment at the moment so if I do an instant today, I am just going it’s not gonna be like spraying everywhere it is going to be that’s the second and that is a moment yeah, I understand moments no moments that is a minute. Um, see that there’s? Not a Great Deal of instant, yes, but they’re here’s a moment there’s a moment, there is a moment

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